Door Panel Verification

The main task of the project was to prevent the delivery of NOK parts to the client.
The System consits out of 2 cells with 4 cameras mounted in each Cell. 2 cameras are taking the images from the top and 2 cameras are taking the images from the bottom.
One Cell is measuring the front door panels and the other cell is measuring the rear door panels. It would have been possible to check all types of doors in the same station.
Each Cell has an input side and an output side.
The associate places a new part from the input side. The door will close automatically once a button is pressed. The Siemens PLC will start the camera software V60-700 to take images from all cameras. The part is measured and an OK/NOK signal will be send back the PLC. Depending on the result the input/out-take side door is opening and the system is ready for the next door.
The V60-700 is recognizing the type of door (Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left, Rear Right).

The cycle time of the measuring is approximatly 3-4sec. from PLC-Start to Measuring finished.

The images are stored on a network server for later analysis in case of clients rejects due to damages. The history is depending on the hard drive size but it will be in a region of 2-3 month.

USB Colour Cameras with a resolution of 1600x1200 px where used to capture the fine details of the parts.