Box Orientation verification:

Our client is delivering the car harnesses to a car manufacturer plant at the cost of South Africa.
The client is picking the transport bags out of the bags and places them automatically at the corner of the cars.
The bags must be places in the correct corners of the vehicle to make sure that no wires are damaged or a production stop occurs.
That is the reason why the transport box and the harness bags are colour coded to prevent any mistakes.

A Camera System was implemented to verify the correct loading of the bags in the box and also to verify to correct orientation before it is loaded from an offsite-store.

This specific project has some remarkable features.
The Camera Software V60-700 is controlling the Light beams, Motor START/STOP function and the barcode scanner trigger.
The complete logistic of the conveyor is programmed with the Standard Software V60-700.

The production line is divided into 3 sections: Loading, Verification and offloading.

The Box is loaded on the conveyor. The light beam detects the "occupy" and the Camera Software starts the Motor by means of a 24V output.
In the meantime the camera software is jumping to the next step and waits for the light beams "Box in Position" to stop the motor and take the images.
Before the images are taken the camera is starting a datalogic barcode scanner to read the container number for later traceability.

The images are verified for the image features: Is the box orientation correct and are the colour coded bags at the right location.

Once everything is verified and correct the box is transported to the offloading-section of the conveyor.
The system will release the next transport container from the loading-section of the conveyor.


Datalogic Barcode Reader - Trigger by Camera Software


Empty Station - Loading conveyor - Off-loading conveyor


Datalogic Barcode Reader - Interface box for 24V Trigger


Loading conveyor transporting box

Screenshot of the V60-700. The visualization was customized to the customer & maintenance needs.